We are proof that you can have your cake and eat it! We do this by good communication and by offering high quality coaching services to all abilities of triathletes, swimmers, cyclists and runners alike.

What makes us accessible?

We’re geographically convenient. We operate out of 2x training locations working off two entirely different training timetables. This creates flexibility and a nice range of options. So, if you’re Hampshire based, we’re not too far away for group training, individual tuition or to discuss your needs over a cuppa.

Training flexibility

We offer a range of coaching methods. From individual tuition to online training to group sessions all of which can be delivered to all abilities.

Thank goodness for tech! With the emergence of our online and remote training platforms, we are everywhere! I’m not saying its that practical to fly in from Venezuela to attend our group sessions! But there’s never been an easier time to be working globally.

Ease of communication

We want to work with you so we reply to emails and answer our phones! Do any of these ring any bells? “You are 26th in the queue” or “Joe Bloggs isn’t available right now”?

By keeping things simple and having a small team, we are well placed to communicate with you directly and promptly. No shareholders, no unnecessary barriers. Just straightforward communication. Our Social Media presence, website and newsletter make it very easy to get hold of us.

We’re a friendly bunch and will talk to anyone! Triathlon can be a daunting prospect for those wishing to get involved so we make sure we are as approachable and welcoming as possible.

A common barrier to entry to sport can often be of a financial nature thus isolating and depriving those who would have otherwise taken part. With this in mind and our belief that ‘sport is for all, we aim to keep our prices competitive. We can’t do much about the price of bikes and wetsuits but we can make sure we are transparent in both our aims and as budget-friendly as possible.


As a business and as a club, we aim to maintain a professional standard at all times. Whether it be from the quality of our services, our superb website, our sharp branding, personal conduct, respect for others or the choice of coaches we use.

If you are interested in joining us to train then please click here for more details.