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Our mission is to provide accessible, professional multisport coaching

We are proof that you can have your cake and eat it! We do this by good communication and by offering high quality coaching services to all abilities of triathletes, swimmers, cyclists and runners alike.



Breaking down barriers to entry. We believe triathlon is for all and welcome adults of all abilities from all walks of life.



From our quality venues to our exceptional standard of coaching, smart kit and website, we pride ourselves on our unique blend of professionalism and fun.



Because it will always be about you and the individual journey that you’re on.



We create solutions to your questions and quandaries. Whether it’s from a team mate, a coach or the need for admin support, we’ve got your back and will work with you with open minds, understanding and determination.



We love what we do and can chat multisport to anyone all day long given half a chance! Come and say hi in person or electronically as we’d love to hear about your experiences and ambitions.



We’ve been described as being like an extended family. The ultimate compliment which says it all! Where friendships are made for life and experiences never forgotten.

Our services

Group Training

Join our friendly teams  in Basingstoke and Southampton. To train in running, cycling and swimming.

Full membership for all training sessions at Southampton and Basingstoke.

£29 per month

Couples full membership. All training sessions at Southampton and Basingstoke.  

£50 per month

Run only membership, 1 x single session per week.

£23 per month

Swim only membership, 1 x single session per week.

£23 per month

Run only couples membership, 1 x single session per week.

£40 per month

Swim only couples membership, 1 x single session per week.

£40 per month

Individual Tuition

Join our trainers for 1-2-1 or 1-2-2 training where the focus is on your personal goals.

Individual tuition is available in blocks of 4x sessions.

Plus facility hire if required and fuel over 5 miles from SO31.

Individual tuition

£40 per session/ hour.

Extra attendee

£25 per session/hour.

Bike Turbo Training

Join us on a Monday and Wednesday evening for online Bike Turbo Sessions

Available worldwide 

£15 per month

Online sports training

Online Coaching

Need to train in your own time? then let us help with a personalised online training plans.

Personalised online coaching is available worldwide.


£29 per month

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Accessible, professional multisport coaching


“I enjoy training with Team Savage as much now as when I joined 5 years ago. Dave and his team of coaches are experts in their fields and bring out the best in me and I have full confidence in them in helping me achieve my aims under their guidance.

My confidence has grown enormously as my fitness, social circle and knowledge”

Tom Lipscombe

Member of Savage Tri Club

Accesible, professional multisport coaching

Group, personal or online training Available.