Individual Tuition

“It’s all about you! This method of training is recognised as the quickest way to improve technically. Receive tailor-made and focussed training from one of our expert coaches.” Dave Savage

If you aren’t Hampshire based and are looking for online Individual tuition, please click here

Why personalised training?

Because we’re all different! Our natural ability, personal circumstances and characteristics, personalities and goals range hugely from one another so this method of training caters for an individual’s needs perfectly.

Group training can dilute the attention the coach can give the participants to varying degrees. With 1-2-1 training, the sole focus is YOU meaning that your individual requirements are met.


  • Improved technique achieved sooner
  • Goals reached sooner
  • Direct communication with the coach

Bring a friend

Why not bring a like-minded friend along and share your experience together?

This 1-2-2 training option reduces cost and adds a more social element without drastically reducing the attention given by the coach per person.

We offer this training method for swim, bike and run.

Individual tuition is available in blocks of 4x sessions. £40 per session / hour. Plus facility hire if required and fuel over 5 miles from SO31. Extra attendee £25 per session/hour. 

Individual tuition can easily be combined by creating a training package that can be combined with group training and online programs should you be local to our operating areas.


“I enjoy training with Team Savage as much now as when I joined 5 years ago. Dave and his team of coaches are experts in their fields and bring out the best in me and I have full confidence in them in helping me achieve my aims under their guidance.

My confidence has grown enormously as my fitness, social circle and knowledge”

Tom Lipscombe

Member of Savage Tri Club

Accesible, professional multisport coaching

Group, personal or online training Available.