We are ready…. are you?

Hampshire, are you chomping at the bit to get back or start training?

It seems ages since we trained in groups. Triathlon training is so close now and very excited to be on the verge of training in a group environment once again.

There’s just something comforting about knowing others are sharing your suffering! I personally miss coaching and the camaraderie and social aspect. It serves as a reminder how valuable friendships and social interaction are.

‘Lockdown lethargy’ will soon be a thing of the past. We can refocus and even get some events booked in. Many events look like they’ll take place. So excited! Note to self-order a larger trisuit!

When and where

As a club, we resume our run program in Basingstoke from Tuesday 30th March and in Southampton from Thursday 1st April. If all goes to plan we’ll return to Swimming training from May when some interesting techniques surely await! We’re almost certainly better at indoor cycling!

Feeling extremely positive right now as group training resumes. Freedom, optimism! Moving forward and putting the last year in ‘archive’.

Peoples reason for training appears to have changed. We’re training for the love of it. No events to enter so we train with less pressure. Fewer injuries as training intensity has been less. Perhaps even a stronger core structure due to a different emphasis. Thanks Joe Wicks!

We can learn lockdown lessons as we go forward. How can we successfully combine the laissez-faire ‘training for the love of it’ approach with determination to perform and hit goals? Easy. By reminding ourselves of the year we’ve just had. Enjoyment is at the centre of our sport. We enjoy it because it makes us feel good. Because we like the outdoors. Because we want to meet people. And to challenge ourselves.

Without enjoyment, what are we in it for?

This principle of enjoyment and feeling fortunate is certainly what I’ll be taking forward.

Stay safe, enjoy the freedom and have a great year ahead.

Dave S.

If you are interested in joining us for Group training, you can find out more here.