About Team Savage

Dave Savage Sports is a coaching company specialising in triathlon, duathlon and the individual disciplines of swimming, cycling and running.

Based in Hampshire, UK, the Company was formed by Commonwealth Triathlete Dave Savage with a particular aim in mind – to provide training solutions that help you achieve your triathlon, swim, bike and run goals.

In 2011 Dave took a small but enthusiastic group of likeminded folk from Southampton under his wing providing technical advice and a bit of direction. This collective grew to became ‘Savage Triathlon Club’. Numbers grew, club kit launched, website built and training became structured. The club now boasts a second base in Basingstoke and continues to expand.

The ‘Savage’ community and general outreach continued to grow thanks to an increased social media presence, scheduled newsletters, our superb team and expanding network of affiliated businesses.

Our personalised coaching service has been put on hold due to the Covid-19 situation but look forward to its resumption when safe and legal to do so.

We now see our market just as globally as we do regionally with the introduction of online services such as remote bike turbo sessions, online training programs and app development.

We’re excited for future but also haven’t forgotten the simple and humble foundations from which the Company was built. Fun, friendship and hard work.

About Dave Savage

The early days

Dave was born on the tiny Pacific Island of Tarawa in the Kiribati Islands. His parents were teachers as part of  Voluntary Service Overseas.

The Savage family moved back to the UK when Dave was just 4 years old.


Studying was never Dave’s greatest forte! However, he studied Leisure Management after leaving school and pursued a career in the Industry until his late 20’s.

Other studies included Business Management and his sports coaching qualifications.

“If I understood the question, I’d have had a better chance of knowing the answer!” says Dave.


Dave stumbled across Triathlon whilst working at a Leisure Centre in Bournemouth. “The facility hosted a triathlon which I entered for fun. I got instantly hooked and it all got out of hand after that!”

“I had a decent running pedigree carried through from my time as a GB junior 5k runner but the swim and bike needed a lot of work”

This is exactly what Dave went away and worked on culminating in competing in the final of the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games.


Between 2008-2010 Dave went on a fundraising mission and was the founder of PLANETS charity in association with Southampton General Hospital. PLANETs were successful in raising £36,000 to buy a Pancreatic Cancer Scanner.

The fundraising activities included a bike ride to Spain from Northern France (on a torn calf muscle!) and to organise and participate in a gruelling physical challenge called the “Great Wight Attack”. The GWA consisted of a 5k swim to the Isle of Wight, a 66 mile run around the island and then the swim back to the mainland.

A documentary of the GWA was made by local students which went on to win a National TV Award for Short Films. This video was shown at large screens across the country as part of the 2012 London Olympics.



      Our mission is to provide accessible, professional multisport coaching

      Meet the trainers

      Offering supportive, approachable and friendly training is at the heart of Dave Savage Sports. 

      We want you to enjoy coming along to training and with that in mind we have these superb coaches to help you to achieve your personal goals in both Basingstoke and Southampton. 

      Dave Savage

      Dave Savage

      Dave is originally from a running background but has now been involved in Triathlon for 25 years.

      He proudly made the final of the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games and despite finishing, suffered a double puncture but managed to hobble across the line.

      He turned his passion into a career in 2010 by launching Dave Savage Sports and Savage Tri Club.

      Heath Wilcox

      Heath Wilcox

      Having competed on the bike for most of my career, a friend suggested having a go at Triathlon, that was 1993! Loved it, what a friendly bunch!

      Many events later, leaving the Forces to be a sports and PE teacher, now a director of sport. My driving force, to introduce as many children and adults to the wonderful world of Triathlon. whilst at the same time competing and keeping up with new coaching dynamics

      I’ve been both a member and a coach of Savage Tri Club – Southampton for 4 years and am proud to be part of such a professional and fun set up.

      Kelly Stokes

      Kelly Stokes

      Kelly brings a wealth of Iron Distance experience to Savage Tri Club having competed at the Hawaii World Championships and finishing an incredible 2nd in her category.

      She was also crazy enough to do what is recognised as the world’s most gruelling Iron Distance event – the Norseman Extreme Triathlon.

      Kelly is an Air Traffic Controller by profession and was delivering prescriptions by bike to those shielding during lockdown 1.0.

      During Savage socials, we have noticed that Kelly always seems to win the pint downing contest!

      Gareth Sylvester-Bradley

      Gareth Sylvester-Bradley

      ‘G’ has been a Coach for the Basingstoke Savage’s for 3 years and primarily oversees the run program. He brings a wealth of experience and has also competed as a GB Age-Grouper.

      Gareth is a keen fundraiser with a huge heart. 

      Matt Wright

      Matt Wright

      Matt Wright is one of the Savage coach’s in Basingstoke, he was one of the inaugural members of Savage Tri Club in Basingstoke, was coached by Dave and now is coach himself.

      Matt is a BTF level 2 and Ironman Certified Coach. In addition to racing triathlon, he has over 20 years’ experience as a competitive swimmer up to national standard, which he uses to help athletes improve their swim technique.

      Some of the Savage swimmers in Basingstoke have nicknamed Matt “Shark”.



      Breaking down barriers to entry. We believe triathlon is for all and welcome adults of all abilities from all walks of life.



      From our quality venues to our exceptional standard of coaching, smart kit and website, we pride ourselves on our unique blend of professionalism and fun.



      Because it will always be about you and the individual journey that you’re on.



      We create solutions to your questions and quandaries. Whether it’s from a team mate, a coach or the need for admin support, we’ve got your back and will work with you with open minds, understanding and determination.



      We love what we do and can chat multisport to anyone all day long given half a chance! Come and say hi in person or electronically as we’d love to hear about your experiences and ambitions.



      We’ve been described as being like an extended family. The ultimate compliment which says it all! Where friendships are made for life and experiences never forgotten.

      “I enjoy training with Team Savage as much now as when I joined 5 years ago. Dave and his team of coaches are experts in their fields and bring out the best in me and I have full confidence in them in helping me achieve my aims under their guidance.

      My confidence has grown enormously as my fitness, social circle and knowledge”

      Tom Lipscombe

      Member of Savage Tri Club

      Accesible, professional multisport coaching

      Group, personal or online training Available.